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I'm looking for a low cost technology (ultrasonic, turbine, electromagnetic, etc.) that can be used on coolant with silica fluid. It will be used on a 2" PVC pipe. Must have analog output or communication protocol. I´m still searching cause all quotations that I get are very expensive.

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dictionary.com defines silica as the dioxide form of silicon, SiO2, occurring especially as quartz sand, flint, and agate: used usually in the form of its prepared white powder.

Silica suspended in water? A slurry? Or did you mean silicone, a polymer?

And where's all that other data your local vendors who already provided quotes needed, like temperature, pressure, viscosity, flow rate range and fluid characteristics like conductivity (mags only work on conductive fluids) and whether the medium is all liquid, a slurry or liquid with uspended solids?
Thanks for the answer. Fluid it´s just liquid with microsolids suspended, because it´s flitered before the impulsion system. About the characteristics of this fluid:

Temperature: -10 to 30°C aprox
Pressure: 3,5 bar
Flow rate: 2 l/s
Conductivity and viscosity I really don´t have this information yet.

That´s all that I got.