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i planned to develop a water level controller using PID control..to develop a physical model i am in need of a low cost level transducer with analog voltage output..it is an experimental setup only..so i need a very low cost level
transducer..any suggestions please.. i enquired few manufacturing industries, but it seems to be very costly.

thank u..

fayez hendam

you can use a design that used commerically in fuel tank level monitoring in any car ,it is very low cost .as you recommend low cost solution. it is basicaly composed of variable resistance with arm in pot aix , aix far end fixed with float , liquid will move float upward hence resistance
changed .if your supply voltage is 24volt so resitance value approx 6kohm--1.2kohm to give 4--20ma it is possiple to calibrate it by trial
till pbtain accepted accuracy or you can use ultrasonic TX. but more cost.
The simplest device used to measure level is a pressure transducer installed at the bottom of the tank. Take a look at OMEGA.COM. You
will find out cheap transducer with DC Volt. output.

Also, keep in mind this: The transducer shall be calibrated in "H20 referenced to atmosphere (0 PSIG) if you are working with an open top
tank. If it is a pressurized tank, you must use a differential input pressure transducer.

Good luck.

fayez hendam

you can use fuel tank level indication used in any car it is very low cost there are many types with different analog out put. but you
have to modify installation methodes to meet your needs .it is simply a variable resistance ,in addition to small pcb (proto type)this pcb
will convert signal level as you need ,.if you need circut like that welcome to help you, or you can use ultasonic level transmitter but
this choise is more cost

Senthil Kannan

You can do this very cheaply with the help of a float and a potentiometer and converting the o/p resistance to voltage with the help of a
signal conditioning circuit which you can design on ur own or can procured.


Senthil Kannan