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Hello Everyone!

I would be grateful if someone could suggest me a low cost (preferably < $2 - 2.5) small size weight sensor. The range of weight I wish to measure is 50 grams to 5 kilograms. Accuracy is not all that important. Could be +/- 5 to 8% or even worse. I want to use this sensor just to get a ON/OFF kind of a electronic output.

Initially, I thought to use a piezo transducer but later read on wiki and was upset to know that it cannot be used for static weight measurements. :(

A kitchen weighing scale fits my bill both in terms of accuracy and range. I could slightly modify it and attach a precision Pot to get an electronic output BUT it's very big in size.

I would be thankful, if someone helped me with a nice solution.

You can easily find a loadcell meeting your requirement and price target. Most Chinese vendors provide such a cell and you can check out the website of Chinese Sensor dot com.

Rajesh Parikh

> you can check out the website of Chinese Sensor dot com.

Thanks. I checked the site. Seems I can try to build my solution around one of these sensors. I would still need to get more inputs, if any.

Rajesh Parikh