Low cost PC interface for Profibus PA/DP Device


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We are software development company based in Bangalore, India developing the DTM softwares.

We have Softing Coupler for Profibus connection and it works fine. We found that Softing Profibus Coupler is very expensive and we are trying to get the low cost PC to Profibus device modem for the development purpose. No worries about noise or heat since the software developed in house. Small toy modem which just read and write data is just fine for us.

Someone please recommend the PC to Profibus modem which is less expensive?

curt wuollet

Good luck!

You are discovering what Profi(t)bus is all about. If you do find anything reasonable for Profibus or other automation protocols, please post it. I've had several projects shot down because the cost of interfacing is insane.


James Ingraham

You might look at Hilscher. I'm honestly not sure how their price compares to Softing's, but I think they are about as cost-effective as anyone out there.

-James Ingraham
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I am in the same boat, attempting to read a meter that is Profibus DP. I found this gateway from Italy, ADF 67568 that was fairly inexpensive.

The only problem I have now is how to get the data from the Profibus DP over TCP into something like excel. Any ideas?
The costs of the interfaces for Profibus or other fieldbus systems
are a fraction of the cost you have to invest for the I/O modules.
The insane big costs and the big numbers are with the of I/O
modules! And they are really expensive ... so good luck to find cheaper

Please have also in mind that an unstable and unreliable fieldbus
interface can take in question a huge investments of I/O mudules.


Armin Steinhoff


Patrick Lansdorf

Hi guys,

I work for a company called HMS and we too make gateways among other things...

We have gateways for Ethernet to Profibus slave/master. We also have a free of charge OPC server. Configure the Profibus network, Install the OPC server on the PC and configure it and you have the data in the OPC server. I believe that there are OPC servers/clients for Excel, see.

If interested of our gateways:
http://www.anybus.com/support/support.asp?PID=239&ProdType=Anybus X-gateway
http://www.anybus.com/support/support.asp?PID=244&ProdType=Anybus X-gateway

Good luck
Patrick Lansdorf