Low Cost PLC with Ethernet


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Dale Westerman

Looking for a inexpensive PLC with Ethernet to be used in a low end production monitoring system. I need three discrete inputs, two outputs. Basically want to count machine cycles, rejects and cycle time and send the info. back to a host PC. Priced under $250 Could possibly use something without logic capabilities if the price is very low. Thanks for the help!

Konrad Heidrich

Hi Dale, if you need only a few discretes and tcp, you can use the TCP/IP development kit for 200 $ from www.rabbitsemiconductor.com or something similar. It is a proprietary solution but if you need it only for a small application and you are sure you don't need recources in the future, I would do it. Best regards, Konrad
You might check into the Modicon Momentum line. You won't hit $250, but it might be close enough if you grit your teeth ;) If you only need I/O, you might also check Automation Direct (automationdirect.com). They have an ethernet comm module for their 205 and 305 lines. (Again, more pricey than you ask for.) I've done PC programming to talk to the Modicon (in VB with Dolphin Winsock addon) and it wasn't too odious. Don't know about the Automation Direct stuff. Harvey
I would recommend Momentum, but you will go above $600. CPU with Ethernet cost $525 for OEMs and you will need I/O base too. Plus software to rpogram it (Proworx does it). A-B does Ethernet on Micrologix 1500 with ENI module, but this is still more $$$ than you want. Ark [email protected]