low vol. dispensing valve


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mike piccolo

I would like to dispense .3-.5 ml/stroke from a 500ml. canister in the inverted position. There is no vent into the canister so air must be returned by the valve.

I've been using a finger pump like the ones found in hairspray but they leak when inverted. To add a little more difficulty; these valves will be placed into a dispoable product so they have to be inexpensive. What would be the name of this valve? Also, if necessary could a valve like be made?

Curt Wuollet

Check with any medical or lab supply house for pipetting dispensers. They should have something close and disposable. Or at least it should give you some ideas. A dual paristaltic pump might work, one tube for liquid one for make up air and the tubing could be disposed of with the container.


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Try an optics valve as you would find on a spirit bottle in a Public House.

This gives an accurate measure and returns air to the bottle. I am being sincere but somehow I think that you may be pulling our legs.