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Joe Morrison

Looking to find alternative ways to measure LPG level in an underground LPG cavern that goes down 600 feet into the ground. Does anyone have any good contacts for this or experience with this? Currently we use a nitrogen bubbler system and a wire gage system, but the wire gage system hangs up down in the shaft pipe going down into the cavern at the 14 foot level.
I'm not sure I understand you. Is the measurement range 600 feet, or is the shaft to the cavern 600 feet?

In either case, I don't know of anybody who has done a successful noncontact application, either radar or laser that far. I don't think radar will work past about 100 feet. You might check with TN/KSI about the OpTech Laser system they are now selling.

Otherwise, I'd put in redundant nitrogen bubblers and go with what works.

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Larry Kolbert

Radar may be a possibility but more details are required on what you have and what you need for accuracy.

Bruce Durdle

Radar is probably not an option with LPG unless you can get a guided waveguide type that will cover the distance - the dielectric constant at around 1.5-1.8 is too low.