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Hi All,

We have one LPG to SNG converter in our company. Last week we met an accident (fire) when operator drained LPG due high level and restarted the system. Drain line was provided at floor level by the manufacturer. The question is what are the safety standards required for draining LPG and what are the minimum safety standard required for operation of LPG to SNG converter. What type of certification is required for this machine.

If anybody familiar with these converter please guide me.

Thanks a lot.


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Mansur Ahmad

We have natural gas in our housing colony. In extreme winter due to shortage of gas our natural gas supply is interrupted and we have to use LPG. Changing of Venturi nozzles of Aplliance is a hastle. Is there some way to avoid changing of venturis in case a appliances is to be used with LPG inplace of Natural Gas

curt wuollet

Probably no safe and satisfactory way. Depending on local practice. I'm amazed that all you have to do is change nozzles. The fuel values are different enough that running LP pressure low enough or NG pressures high enough to use the same nozzles might lead to piping capacity and regulation problems. But again, that's based on practice here which uses about 11" H2O for propane and maybe 6.5 " H20 for NG. I have no way of knowing fuel values and final pressures in your location. If it were easier, I'm sure the appliance manufacturers would save money by building dual fuel in. Some simple appliances do have a switchable valve, but anything with a manifold generally involves changing nozzles.