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Patrice Virissel

Hello all,
I need to develop an API (library) in VC++ language to establish a dialog between a CNC machine and a PC running an "InTouch" application. The PC is running under an MS Windows 32 bits OS. The protocol is LSV2. At this time, I've got no information about this protocol.
I would like to find the normalized protocol specification and to get information about existing products.
Thanks in advance for your reponses
Patrice Virissel
Hello Patrice,

funny, I have the same issue.
Best for me would be a complete source code ;-)

Dieter Mueller
"": has pay-for tools implementing LSV2.
at one time, Heidenhain in Taurent offered source for thier developers. I had it, and lost it years ago :-( too many dead computers, too many jobs ago...
I also need it now, and get no replies from Heidenhain. And adontec's tools cost near 800$US for what I need, with spcl monitor, closer to 1100$.

if it dont work, you can always throw money at it!

In addition, the product SuperMonitor is a protocol monitor for recording and analysing serial data. This serial analyzer offers many options to serach for data and protocol errors.

This easily can be used with protocols like LS/2, 3964, rk512 etc.