Lube Oil Consumption High


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We are having a Frame V BHEL make GE machine, machine CI had done in Dec 2018. Before shut down we are having LO leakage from Load gear to generator shaft bolt fan action that was eliminated after shut down. But our consumption of LO yet to reduce.

We are facing high LO consumption problem (approx 150-180 ltr/day) so far more than 1000 ltr LO consumed. No outside major leakage detected.

1) CW water and cooling tower checked no oil traces.

2) IGV inspection During shut down, very small quantity oil found in IGV man hole. Is no -1 bearing leakage having potential of LO ingress to tune of 150ltr/day? During running we checked CPD air to atomizing air/ I/L filter house pulse cleaning for ingress of LO found no LO traces.

3) Is it possible of Hydraulic oil mix up into fuel (Naphtha) in LCV? if yes how to identify?

4) Generator is air cooled.

We area yet to identify the leakage and machine is running. Please suggest the possible checks can be done to identify the leakage.