LUFP7 PROFIBUS / MODBUS Gateway module problem


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I'm Mechatronics engineer from Sri Lanka. I have problem with Telemecanique LUFP7 PROFIBUS / MODBUS Gateway module. Two of above modules were implemented in a Hydro Power plant (please see the communications diagram below). As the diagram LUPF7 module 2 was burnt due to power issue. I took following solutions, but nothing were success. Are there Anyone, who can help me?

(1) get a copy of LUFP7 module 1 configuration file and save it to a new LUFP7 module and apply it to second position with changed Profibus and Modbus addresses.

(2) when LUFP7 module in the position 1, change to position two we can run PLANT 2.

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This is Nicole from Microcyber. We also produce Profibus/Modbus Gateway. Hope to set up relations with you, cooperation or technical discussion.