LUST CDC007 drive amplifier - failure mode and VecWin software ( Lust / LTi / Stromag )

I have a CDC007-2 drive amplifier (actually a complete drive controller with 5.7kVA three phase output stage and quite some computing power inside) here that refuses to get "ready" - the green LED #1 remains off. No error is indicated on the yellow LEDs, but internally is a "traffic light" of three SMD LEDs, the red one is flashing, the yellow one steady on, the green one off. The fan of the unit has failed, but as far as I can see it is not monitored (no tacho line and it seems to be directly connected to internal +24V with no sense resistor etc in between). I wonder if I could see more with the VecWin software - at least when we decide to get a used, tested CDC007 to get the machine up again I'll need it anyway to copy the configuration.
So, does anyone have a) the VecWin software and b) experience with the fault described?

The failure mode is simple: this version won't get "ready" until the 230V 3~ power supply is connected the first time. Once it has been applied, LED 1 will light up and when I remove it *now* the second last yellow LED will flash indicating low line.
But I still need the VecWin Software...