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I mentioned this in the latest eNews
and there have been a lot of requests for the
complete 6 verses.

A current Honeywell employee, name withheld, wrote :

Feel free to pass it on -
just don=92t let on where you got it please -
I've got a family to feed
- wait, what's that?
There's a banging at my door!!
It's the HR police!!!
They've found me out!!!

The Wreck of the Mike Bonsignore

(to be sung to the tune of "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" by Gordon Lightfoot" )

The legend lives on from the management on down
Of the failed merger with GE.
The deal it was dead and many have said
It was killed by a man they called Monti.
With an annual gross of twenty-eight billion or more
Honeywell was lively and kicking.
But many quiet men with greed cold in their veins
Saw a business ripe for the picking.

You'll find the complete lyrics at :
Jim Pinto
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