M340 64 Channel DO Module


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I am using a 64 channel DO module in a Modicon M340 rack. I can write to the first 32 bits using MOV_INT_AREBOOL blocks (2 16 bit MOV blocks) but not bits 33-64. I can write to them individually and force them. I want to turn on all outputs but don't want to force each or turn on individually in logic (there are hundreds).
Thanks for the response Bob.

The 64 channel DO module has addresses of %q0.10.0 thru %q0.10.63. The format for the MOV_INT_AREBOOL block uses %q0.10.0:17 to write to the first 16 bits, and %q0.10.16:33 for the 2nd group of 16 bits. these all write just fine, but the function block tells me %q0.10.32:49 and %q0.10.48:63 are unrecognized points. The modules are configured in the racks as BMXDDO6402K, which is correct.

It looks like from your response that your outputs are not evenly split between the MOV_INT_AREBOOL instructions. You have 18 points in your first 3 instructions, and 15 in the last one.