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Hans Garcia

Have a Schneider M340 PLC model BMX P34 2030 with embedded Ethernet TCP/IP port, and a BMX NOE also with a Ethernet TCP/IP port.

Want to be able to read and write variables in that PLC remotely (from another country) through an IP address and a browser (e.g. Explorer). Is that possible? Can a web page be allocated in the SD Memory Card of the PLC?

Jeremy Pollard

I would check out Route1.com whose technology uses an ad hoc VPN with security out the ying yang. You can use MobiKEY anywhere in the world and leaves no trace on the guest computer.

No ActiveX or anything of the sort is loaded onto the guest. You would have to have a small windows (embedded XP) computer to interface tho...

I'm sure that being able to write data into it using a browser may send off some security bells and whistles??

Cheers from: Jeremy Pollard, CET The Caring Canuckian!