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Ron Gage

Hi folks:

I have been given the assignment of showing (via documentation) what the current state of machine safety specs are. Oh, what fun...

The only thing I can find in my library is an old (1988) General Motors ES-1 blurb regarding safety gates - opening a safety gate will knock the machine out of automatic. Doesn't seem tremendously safe to me.

Anyhow, is there anywhere (IEC, ANSI, etc...) that has documentation to relate some of the "common practices" for machine safety. Things
like dual circuit paths, guided contact relays, fail-safe devices, safety gate switches, light curtains, standards for power interruption, and so on, and so on.

I am looking for standards that show such things as: do not use a PLC for safety related events or functions, directly interrupt power to a device in motion when a safety circuit is interrupted, and so on.


Ron Gage

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Go to and look at their catalogs available on line which have excellent reference information with regards to implementing safety
devices for OSHA and CE applications. Hope this helps.

New IEC draft standard 62061 - Safety of machinery - Functional safety - Electrical, electronic and programmable electronic control systems


Patrick Allen

I'm unsure how many standards Michigan shares with Ontario. But we have had some recent legislation here reguarding machine risk assessment, and start-up proceedures.

The Magna division I work for contracts John A. Ford and Associates ( for training along these lines, and I imagine he would be more than qualified to point you in the right direction.

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