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I need to build a machine the will sort balls of different colors using machine vision. Do you know any free software that can do that? I run Windows.

Thanks for your help!
For the vision system problem, try the following:

PYRO (Python Robotics).

There is also PIL (Python Imaging Library). This is a low level imaging library though, so it would take a lot more work and knowledge to use.

In either case the vision input could be via a web cam. The sorting function can be written in Python as part of the same program. For I/O to the sorting mechanism, you could use Ethernet based I/O using the Modbus/TCP protocol. I can give you information on that as well if you are interested.

Jean: "I run Windows."

If you're asking for a free solution to that problem, I would suggest

If you are asking for a free vision system which runs on MS Windows, I don't know of any. There are low level image processing libraries, but again, those are a lot of work to use.

Curt Wuollet

Probably easier to write than to find.
Find a frame grabber that will output into a bitmap.
load the bitmap into memory. Calculate the offset to
the detection area. Sum a sample of RGB bits into
R, G, and B integers or longs if you use a large sample.
Make decisions on the relative amplitude of R,G, and B
Based on the color, do whatever you need to do to

Next ball.