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C Hun

hi all:

i'm looking for some sort of USB device to interface my mac with some home-made devices. basically i want to control some relays to switch on things and detect some switches opening/closing; so i just need something like 4 digital outputs and 4 digital inputs.

i need to control it using Director; i'm fine with software but not so good with hardware, which is why i'm looking for something already made. closest i can find is this:
but it is not originally made for macs (says they can be used for macs, but it's a third-party driver, so i'm looking for something more specifically for macs) and they don't appear to make an Xtra for Director.

anybody have any ideas for competitors of these people who are more mac-friendly?



p.s. i know about the basic stamp, but it is a bit too expensive to buy several of them with a serial-USB convertor, it's not mac-friendly, and i'd have to program the stamp as well as my mac which is just another step of complication.
i know of such a device. in fact i have one at home. since i am on a school computer i can't just look at it and tell you what it's called. it holds 4 usb ports but you can connect several of them together

Johan Bengtsson

I think it would be easier to find soem if you used a serial port instead (either if the mac have a free serial port built in or by a USB->serial converter)

In that case you could for example use DHG1701
art no 25-210-45 at
it might be unnecesary expensive with SEK 3955 (whatever that means for you), I know less expensive solutions exist (but not where) That module have 7 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs.

/Johan Bengtsson

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