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Does Magelis HMI GTO required any OS to be installed into such as windows, vijeo designer? What about the runtime license? If a project is uploaded, does the runtime also is uploaded?

Anything helpful is welcome.

Thanks in advance.
The GTO lmodels are programmed using Vijeo Designer software, which installs on Windows XP thru 7. Vijeo Designer is used to confgure a project for a specific model. When you connect and download, VJD checks to see if the OS in the Magelis is compatible (ie the same or older). If not, it downloads the current OS into the Magleis prior to downloading your projcet. Warning #1 wheb you open an "older version" project with acurrent version of VJD, the project is AUTOMAICALLY updated, even if you do not save it. This is NOT revsersable, BACK UP project versions. Warning #2 it is a very difficult process to roll back the OS installed in a Magelis HMI. Not impossible but it can be messed up and you may end up with a non working HMI. Much like rooling a PC back from Win 7 to NT. The OS in the Magelis is "proprietary" to the product and takes advantage of multiple programming languages and task.

Great product, easy to program, versatile configurations, Marvelous simulation abilities including connection to PLC software simulators like Unity Pro.
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I am noy sure, but the version may show on the screen when the HMI first powers up.

VJD software installed without a license will do everything but communicate with an HMI. License purchase includes one year updates. Software will run forever unless you need to upgrade due to newer hardware.