Magelis XBTGT with Zelio Smart Relay via MODBUS


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I want to connect a Magelis XBTGT (4000 series) with a Zelio Smart relay (sr3b261bd) via the sr3mbu01bd Modbus communication.
I'm still waiting for the materials to arrive, so i haven't tried anything yet.

Has anyone implemented something similar?
Are there any known problems?
Is there any sample code?

Thank you in advance
That seems like a crazy marriage, XBTGT with Zelio. Why would you want to do that? I would prefer a Twido PLC!
It possible to do it but only 4 registers going from Zelio. But it is done. I would agree use a Twido it is much easier and you have more options!
It worked just fine
4 registers was enought for the application.
It works for simple application and it cost less.
I've tried it and it works.

Zelio smart relay can work really nice with Magelis HMI using the Modbus expansion for zelio. 4 registers is enought for displaying the status of inputs and outputs and also send some commands.

I agree that with twido you have a lot more option, and thats what i'm working now. But for a small application with only 10 inputs and 10 outputs it worked just fine.
I'm also interested to know how it works.

I will have two zelio using the modbus expansion.
Could the xbt gt command the two zelio separately?


John Caldwell

You can display data or send control data to any number of Zelios from an XBT GT relay via ethernet if the Zelios are equiped with a NET01 expansion module. It's easy and very powerful.
While it may be a crazy marriage in some cases we have to use existing equippment. I am currently working on a customers faucility that is useing two Zelio's and three Twido's. The project will network all of them and a onsite camera to a Magelis XTB 4340 through the webgate feature for a remote operation. The information on this post has very helpful. Thank you to all who have contributed.

Goran Vuckovic

Yes thay can work with one XBTGT.

But for cost effective siutations (and not so elegant), you can open the cutout on doors of enclosure, put distancers on the rail at the back of the door, and put DIN rail on that distancers. Then on DIN rail you can mount Zelio. After that program Zelio to display values on it's own display, and to use tasters. In this way you would not have to buy panel.

It is not so elegant, but it is cheap...
Interesting you should mention this idea. Merlin Gerin makes a kit to do this very thing. P/N 14210 AB these kits include a weather proof hindged cover and there is also an accessory mounting kit that includes the stand-off brackets. I have used several of these and they produce a very nice looking panel front.

Goran Vuckovic

Yes, but were I'm from, it cost me (din rail, distancer, rubber, labor included), cca 10Eur (without VAT).