Magnetrol Displacer serious problem


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We have many mangnetrol level displacer just installed but often they doesn't work. We get this message "loop fail".

We are a bit worried because We have already changed electronics part


from manual:
Loop current differs from commanded value by
more than 1.00 mA.
Consult factory
I'm not really sure about what that message means

It measure interphase level (benzine and water)
please, Do you have any idea?

Katharine Hay

Loopfail does indicate that the actual loop current differs from the expected loop current by > 1.0 mA. The most common cause of this fault is insufficient supply voltage. The E3 Modulevel requires a minimum of 11 V @ 20 mA. I noticed that in a previous post your issue was insufficient power supply, so this is likely the same problem.

One way to test for low supply voltage is to put the unit into LOOP TEST mode at a 4mA current and keep increasing the loop current until the LoopFail fault occurs. If it goes into this fault the supply voltage is inadequate. If it does not go into fault, then you know that the supply voltage is not the issue.

If you would like additional help with your issue, please contact me directly. Regardless, please let me know how this works out.

Katie Hay
Buoyancy Product Manager
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Good Day,

it does not go into fault, so we think that the supply voltage is not the issue.

We have changed the board.