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any one with previous experience with magnetrol E3? -what does it mean to have an error message of (SecFltHi)?

in the manuel it says :Readings from LVDT secondary windings are above expected range.

solution : Check for missing displacer. does that mean displacer fell down in the bottom?
The message indicates that the position of the stem is too high, as sensed by the transmitter's electronics. The stem is connected to a range spring which applies force upwards and the displacer which pulls down due to its weight, counteracting the spring.

If the displacer were to become disconnected, the stem would be pulled up too high by the spring.

Another possible cause could be that the electronics have become damaged.
what about "SecFltLo"? Could it be because of non existence of liquid in the chamber? level= 0

also what about "PriFault"?
thanks in advance
"SecFltLo" indicates that the readings from the LVDT are lower than expected. If the E3 (and its displacer) is intended to measure Interface level, an empty chamber could result in "SecFltLo" indication.

Otherwise, there could be something wrong with the range spring, displacer, or electronics / LVDT.

"PriFault" essentially indicates that the primary winding of the LVDT appears to be disconnected or broken. The E3 manual provides instructions for checking the LVDT windings.