Magnetrol Modul level XE35 Random Power Off


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We have many Modul level X35 displacers mounted on many vessels. They works like regulation and block. Let me give you some information:

What is the issue?
Electronic board power off without notice. Control Room operator forced to put MOS as the logic is 2oo3.

1) DCS?
Yokogawa centum

2) Are the others level with the same issue?
NO, only Magnetrol

3) Instrument age?
about 4 years

4) cable ground/earth?
good and verified

5) Power supply?
4.2V and 3.6mA when instrument is off ( lcd off)

6) Any alarm on analog input plc?

7) Test?
replaced the first board with new one( first board has no lcd). Instrument works.

8) Does the old board work in lab with power supply?
yes it does

9) Assistance?
we have delivered the old board to assistance. No fault found....

I don't know if the issue is on magnetrol board but we have only issue with it. In some case we have been forced to replace it with deltaP level and we never had problem with it! (3 years)

any idea?