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Looking for sensor that can detect window on mail (the small rectangular area which usually contain the address block). the window is made of cellophane paper. we would like to install a sensor to filter out this type of mail only if the window is at certain position . see attach. thanks.


Look at the DVT model 600. It should be able to do what you are looking for. It would be nothing to have it detect: presence of window, size of window (area), quality of window (look for blemishes), relative location of window (x & y plane from any arbitrary edge), and probably anything else you might need.

DVT sensor information may be had from

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I think you could try a Telemecanique XUJ-K1560658D2 photoelectric sensor with analog output (4-20 mA). It can sense the brilliance of the objects, I made a quick test and I had a response of 18 mA on white paper and 15 mA on the cellophane window at 300 mm distance.

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Try the new Rechner Electronics KXS capacitive sensor. It has a 3 stage amplifier and incredible sensitivity. (120mm range from a 30mm diameter capacitive prox.) Call Bill Hooper at Rechner 800-544-4106, we have solved this application with this sensor in the past.