Main contactor/ HV contactor working

Hello there, this is Nagaraj,
I want to use the Curtis SW80A main contactor in my electric two-wheeler project.
can anyone please help me in understanding the operation of the above contactor??
my doubts are,
1) what should be the triggering voltage of the Contactor
2) what are the advantages and disadvantages of using it in the vehicle?

please help me here
You better tell us what you mean by triggering voltage.

Industrial contactors snap close or snap open - there is no inbetween.
So in a 24vDC design the contactor coil receives 24vDC or 0vDC.

In a commercial vehicle 24vDC is commonly used - contactors give isolation.
Looking at bus design where 24vDC power distribution is fairly comprehensive,
contactors isolate areas for load-shedding purposes.