Main Heat Exchanger Failure


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Ahmad Walid

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I am working in gas power plant which has ten units from frame 9E. the main heat exchanger of the cooling water system which has 30 fans was fail due to many water leaks in many places. The PH value of the water is in the normal limits. I am asking about all reasons that cause this defect and also what are the suitable methods that can be used to fixed this damage? The following are the pics that show that damage. With great thanks.

I've tried using a couple of different web browsers to view the photos in the links provided. I can only see one photo in each link even though there appears to be more than one photo in each link.

<i>From the pictures I have been able to see,</i> the damage appears to be physical damage, like from rocks or debris. I was expecting to see something chemically-related, like corrosion, which caused weakening of the material leading to leakage. But, again--based on what I could see the damage looked more like rocks or debris striking the fins/tubes and causing leaks.

That's a very large set of heat exchangers, and using one heat exchanger for multiple machines means a failure of that heat exchanger is going to lead to an outage for all machines....

Please write back to let us know what you find!