Mains Power Line Modem; need information on manufacturers

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Agust Bjarnason

We are trying to find ready-made Power Line Modems for 1200 baud.


Data rate 1200 baud (possibly 2400 baud)
Asynchronous full duplex.
Conforms to CENELEC.
Distance at least 500 meters.
Power Line: 230 / 400 VAC between transformer/distribution station and client.

Quantity: 10 to 30 in first phase.

Remote control of traffic light controllers at intersections. Communication from the computer central to the transformer/distribution station is
available, but we need to bridge the distance to the intersection without having to dig an expensive trench and install a twisted pair cable.


Agust Bjarnason

RT Ltd

Al-Mutairi Abdulmehsen

i am looking for the same info. specifically i need to know what is the best power line transceiver in term: 1 - distance ( range > 500 m) 2- microcontroller interface such as 80C51 best regards A. Al-Mutairi software design engineer AEC , R&D