Maintenance and Data Management System


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Giorgio Mazzola

We have to provide an extension of an existing Maintenance and Data Managament System for a Power Plant (hardware, software and configuration), with the following functions:
- planning of maintenance activities (generation of work schedules, processing of fault reports)
- monitoring of lifetime of equipment (with processing of DCS dedicated signals)
- plant data base
- documentation management
- spare parts and stock management

Existing system is based on:
- Maximo version 3.0.2
- ALTRIS Wintrack
- Oracle 7.0

Which other information should I get about the existing system in order to ask for a quotation of such an extension?
Which services should be available from the DCS?
Which are the typical requirements for documentation about plant data, components, manuals, etc.?
Could anyone help me with a typical Material Requisition for similar systems?

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