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Wajira Priyankara

I am looking for a Maintenance Management software for Maintenance Department, which can raise work orders, preventive maintenance schedules, monitor machine break downs & analysis
Our maintenance department is in the process now of implementing a maintenance management software program. We are using DataStream's MP2 software, which seems to be very good.


Steve Monnet


Since few year we have installed some CMMS. We have listed about 300 different CMMS software at this time (and the list increase !). Our advise
is that you should not focussed on the software itself but on your requirement. When you have a complete picture of all the requirements, you
can ask the software vendor to check is their software can fulfill all. For a list of CMMS vendor you can ask the web with CMMS as key word.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact me directly.

Steve Monnet

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In our HMI applications we have worked along side a program on some Coast Guard Ships, from DMSI The customer (ship owner)
seems to like it, as it can save major engine overhauls. This means Lloyds will accept accurate preventative maintenance records\procedures vs. a
scheduled overhaul which can cost up to $500K every 5 years. The ship engineering personnel also like it as it provides maintenance schedules
based upon customer set points \ expert system and data collection (Lube Oil analysis, Vibration pen recorder, running hrs, etc.). The overall goal for the customer and crew is to maintain the availability of a very expense resource in a harsh environment. A Coast Guard Search and Rescue Cutter, tasked with year round Deep Sea Patrol (300+ Miles out) in the North Atlantic Ocean.

We have no affiliation with DMSI (never exchanged a buck), so take my opinions for what they are worth. If you would like to talk to person
responsible at Coast Guard, drop me an email and I can ask if he is willing to share his experiences (I am only an observer).

Barry Baker, P.Eng.
Trihedral Engineering Ltd.
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Gustavo Canales

1 year ago I develop a preventive maintenance software, it is very accessible and it can adjust to any industry.