Maintenance Mgmt for a Thermal Power Plant - question


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K Karthikeyan

We are in the initial phases of an "Automated Maintenance Management system"
for a thermal power plant. We plan to utilise the plant status from
available DCS signals. Tasks identified so far are
-Preventive maintenance scheduling
-Work permit generation
-Workflow monitoring
-Contract monitoring
-Inventory tracking/Procurement note initiation
-Equipment degradation analysis
-MIR generation

I request the members suggest possible activities to append to this list.

Regards & TIA
Suggest you contact leading MRO sofware vendors and request product presentations.
Softwares like Maximo would be a good bet.
These applications have industry best practices embedded within, so you would be off to a good start.

José Rodrigues

I work in a thermal power plant in Portugal and we use Maximo (MRO) for generate work orders, schedule maintenance, contract monitoring, purchase orders , etc

José Rodrigues


Dear Karthkeyan

Apart from the above mentioned objective you should use SPC/SQC package also, which also is
added to your plant productivity schedule.STOCHOS have very good package both for
SPC/SQC & maintainance & planning schedules , with
functions you have specified.Very economical &
important issue is STABLE package.They both have
network & standalon version.

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Siemens IT Power Solution product (BFS+) offers solutions in power plant maintenance management. The products can be made to work with any automation system. Please contact your nearest Siemens office for more information.
Machine Automation produces applications that users have told us can identify devices in need of changeout in advance of failure. Since we do custom software also, we can make modifications quickly and easily.

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