Maintenance of Exhaust diffuser of Frame 9E Gas turbine

Hello dear
I am working in a combined cycle power plant. There are two Gas Turbine units having capacity of 110MW each. The GT's are GE frame 9E.03 DLN-1 machines. During last shut down we inspected the turbine exhaust diffuser and found some crack in the joint of connecting shaft of the diffuser. We want to have some maintenance work of the exhaust diffuser. We have general maintenance manual but it does not contain any special maintenance procedure like this types of maintenance. Please give your valuable suggestion.


Hi kaag27,

the crack on exhaust diffuser seems to be 'normal' especially on the strut. Usually on our case, we monitor the crack propagation or on severe case, we re-welding the crack. but for sometime, the crack will propagate. we don't have proper or optimize method for maintenance of exhaust diffuser except visual inspection every 6 months.