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Excuse me for my very bad english.I'm working to a thesis in Milan (Italy) in CESI for a Pavia University( with ing. Prandoni and prof. F.Benzi ) about a new technologies for a control processing in industries: FieldBus.

My work consists to study how the diagnostic of fieldbus devices can reduce maintenance cost in industries and compare the devices of the principals

FieldBus device constructors and protocol .By a on-line monitoring of the processes is possible to preview a failures of the components and reduce so the downtime of the production that can cause millions of dollars in lost revenue.

Is possible reduce reactive and preventive maintenance that are more expensive costs and to start a predictive and proactive mantenance reducing the trip on field and the down time .

With a diagnostic of fieldbus devices the procedure of startup or shutdown or calibration of the components are more simple, fast and all of this reduce costs.

I want also compare some of principal software (ASM produced by Fisher-Rosemount, PRM bu Yokogawa that to permit me the on-line monitoring the intelligent devices (valve positoner, transmitters etc. etc.) and I'm also searching about failure rate of the principal devices (compressors, pumps, transmitters, valves etc. etc.) in process industries (tipical chemical and petrol-chemical industries).

my principal refer is . I'm searching another documents like this.

i hope that you can help me and send me by e-mail some documents about this theme. thanks a lot in advance for your time!


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