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How do you make certain screens password protected and some not within rsview studio machine edition unlike panelbuilder which was just a case of checking a box I cant see where this is set inside RSView Studio?
Hello Keith;
The procedure is slightly (!) different because of FactoryTalk. Here are the steps (purely from memory, please validate) that we use when we want only logged-on operators to have access to the displays; if no-one is logged on, they only have access to a Logon display:

1) in the System folder (the main one, outside of all projects), create Users (with their own passwords if you want) and add them to Groups (it will be the group that recieves permissions).

2) in your project's System folder, give Permissions to your groups. For our application, give authorisation A to the DEFAULT user, and A, B to the OPERATORS Group.

3)create a LOGON display with Logon and Logout buttons at a minimum; add navigation buttons that will take an authorized user to enter your displays. Place a visibility animation on these navigation buttons so that they are not visible unless the operator is authorized (Expression: CurrentUserHasSecurityCode(B)).

4) in your project Systen/Startup/RunTime you can set an automatic logout at x minutes (I find this easier for the operators).

5) go to each display in your project (except the Logon display) and in the Display Settings of the display enter Security Code B.
Select Security Code A for the Logon display. Also add a navigation button pointing to the Logon display.

Now when you startup the project you will go to the Logon display, and the navigation keys will be unavailable; clicking the Login button will open the keyboard to enter username and password; navigation keys will become active then and you will access your regular displays.
The automatic logout will freeze you inside the display; no functions ewill be accessible except the Goto Logon button.

One thing i like: even when logged out, the screen you remain in will still show the animations you have setup, so you can continue monitoring your process.

Please modify the number of users and variety of permissions at your needs.

Hope this helps,
Daniel Chartier
Here is the solution I have been using.

Create a tag in RSView Studio called "Password", Type=String, Data Source=Memory, check Retentive. In the Initial value box put the password in you would like to use.

Create another tag called PasswordInput with the same configuration but don't check the Retentive box and leave the Initial Value field empty.

On any screen you wish to password protect anything (navigation buttons, numeric entries, etc.) place a String Input Enable object and tie it to PasswordInput. On any object you wish to password protect, put a visibility animation on it with this Expression: {PasswordInput} == {Password}

To logout during runtime, press the logon button and enter an invalid password or like I have been doing, create a macro that sets the PasswordInput tag to "****" and add a Macro button on the screen that appears when logged in that will call the logout macro.

This will allow password protection while in runtime, which is what I think you are looking for.
I have been trying to make this work and it seems inpossible with the Macro to clear the passwordinput <tag> = <expression>