Malfunctions in a disillation column control


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I would like to find out the typical malfunctions that could occur in the control of a crude distillation tower.

Prakash (India)

1. Temp Control
Overhead temp control profile i.e. tic control i.e. controlling ovehead reflux.
Overhead cooler temp. Profile i.e. cooling water inlet/outlet temp.
Bottom pump around i.e. bottom temp. reflux to tower to control temp of bottom portion of crude distillation of tower.
same way top pump around is there to maintain temp. top area of tower.
So proper temp. profile maintained in crude distillation tower.
2. Pressure
There is delta p across tower i.e. bottom and top which gives details of condition of tower i.e. flooding or high vapour velocity etc.
PRCV control at tower top to control tower top pressure and by which desired profile of product cut achieved as well as temp. profile maintained.
3. liquid volume
Various liquid hold up is maintained and at regular interval it is removed.
If u require still more details please contact me.
The basic requirememt for distillation column is to maitain the temp gradient. Under what conditions do you maintain temp control or pressure control for reflux?