Managing a Thermal Inverter


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I want any suggestion about thermal management of the inverter which is installed in dust environment. at the same time prevent the dust enter into the inverter. the inverter is installed in the small box to control the blower fan in dust area. but the inverter become really hot. even though it not exceed the spec range of heat, it will effect the cct inside if the heat gather will give bad effect to the cct in long term. how to decrease the heat for this case?.

curt wuollet

Use a much larger sealed box and enough internal airflow to accomplish the heat transfer through the cabinet surface area.

To add to what Curt Wuollet said, I have also seen large aluminum heat sinks added to the outside of a box to increase the effective surface area (and thus improve the cooling). The largest off the shelf ones that I have seen are for power electronics. You would probably need to use several of those.

I should point out though that just adding some heat sinks to a small box probably won't help much. You probably need a larger box with the heat sinks as a bonus. You will need to clean them regularly though, as dust is usually a good thermal insulator.

Another alternative is a water cooled heat exchanger. Some enclosure manufacturers have these. You can check the catalogues of your local suppliers for details.