Managing changes in Wobbe index on LM2500 G4


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Curious George

I am trying to find out whether anyone has experience of managing changes in fuel composition by measuring the Wobbe index then feeding this to the MK6 turbine controller on an LM2500 G4 or any other turbine. Is this something that is in service? Is it possible to prevent acoustics and flame outs by shifting the mapping points according to a shift in the measured wobbe? Is this a realistic goal? If a separate map was developed for the secondary fuel and the maps were swopped on a change in wobbe, or the points were gradually ramped from one set to another according to the wobbe would this produce a reliable trouble free result?

Any opinion is respectfully sought and will be treated as opinion only.

Thanks in advance.
We control the MWI of our fuel gas by heating the gas to maintain within a suitable range for our 9FA GTs.