Manual for inverter Telemecanique ALTIVAR 5


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Ulrich Rausch

I'm looking for instruction manual of inverter ALTIVAR 5 (30hp).
I would be very happy, if someone can help me.
Please contact me via eMail: [email protected]

William Hinton Sr. Electrical Engineer @

The website you want is and the model you have may be Altivar 58?? The website has manuals and trouble shooting guides and also frequently asked questions.

Gijsbert-Jan Welp

If you are really looking for a manual of the ATV45 or ATV452 it could be a problem in electronic format. The ATV45(2) was made in a period in which PDF files were not yet much used items.
I would suggest to contact your local Schneider subsidiary. Looking at your email address I think you reside in Germany. So try the website Ask their support. Perhaps they have a paper version somewhere.


All of the responses so far are incorrect. There actually was an Altivar 5 series of drives many years ago.

Those manuals can be obtained from your local Square D distributor. They're still available in print, but never released in PDF to my knowledge.

Part Number VD0C02A301 still comes up as valid in the SQD Literature Center.


Manuel Celdon

I'm looking for the same instruction manual of inverter ALTIVAR 5 (30hp).
Do you to locate it? Where?

I have a manual in German. I can make you a copy if you wish. Contact me at jebsen(AT)

ich habe ein Handbuch in deutsch.
Kann Ihnen einen Kopie schicken wenn Sie wollen.)