Mapping Ethernet IO into a momentum


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mark olsen

Ive got a momentum M1E 980 20 connected to an industrial ethernet and have added an ethernet IO module to the ethernet to increse the IO capacity of the PLC and also provide a remeote IO point, however i cant seem to find how you map this IO into the momentum with proworx.

I have comms working between the plc and Io module as i have setup an IO scanner (in config extensions) that reads registers 400001 and
400002 from the IO module, as each bit of these registers corresponds to a input or output on the IO module.

Can i map the IO into the momentum so i can program them as just inputs/outputs, i.e. 1xxxxx/0xxxxx or wil i have to write some logic to
look at each bit of the two status registers and set coils correpondig to the state of the bits

Hunter Farris

The easiest way to do it is to use the Ethernet IO Scanner to map to 4X registers and then use one fuction block to assign bits to inputs and outputs for programming purposes. All methods I know of MSTR and IO Scanner map to 4X registers even with MBPlus and XMIT/XXMIT.

Hunter Farris
Are you programming this processor in Concept or ProWORX? Your absolute best bet for the comms is the built-in ethernet I/O scanner. You will have to write some logic to copy those I/O to 0x addresses (can't write to 1x addresses) so you can reference the bits individually. If you're using Concept and IEC programming, there is an instruction block WORD_TO_BIT which will take a 16-bit word in and give you 16 seperate bit outputs. In ProWORX you'll have to write a bit more code.