Marine loading arm


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it's a tool for transportation oil to ship in the port. it's an arm. what are considerations i must know and have to design and produce?
There are many things to be considered when designing something like this:

1) Has it been done before? If so, what is the present design lacking?
2) What variety of fluids will it handle: Crude, gasoline, molasses, toluene, water, urea, etc.
3) What will the temperature of the fluids be?
4) What are the environmental temperatures anticipated to be?
5) What size ships, barges, etc. will use the arm?
6) How much will the level of the ship change as the cargo is transfered?
7) How much will the ship be moved around during bad weather, tidal action, wave action, etc.
8) How far back from the dock edge does the loading arm need to be placed for safe ship movement and accidental movement?
9) Is it worth re-designing an existing product?