Mark* Counter and Timer

According to a this site, I have responded over 6,000 times. Considering the length of many of my posts that’s a considerable amount of time.

I have enjoyed every minute—and have learned a lot, and tried to set an example of asking for alarm lists, actionable data and trying to point out where to find relevant information in available documentation. Until the last couple of years. People have changed; they don’t want to learn how to troubleshoot problems.

So, to quote Kenny Loggins, “This it!” I have repaid the huge debt of gratitude I owed to P. David Barnett and Bob Collins. Thanks to both those men without whose willingness to share their knowledge, wisdom and network of contacts I would never have lasted as long as I did in this business.

There are others I’m eternally grateful to, but my father is at the top of my list. His favorite word was ‘sacrifice.’ By which he meant drive, ambition and commitment. He was an immigrant and a successful small business owner—so he knew what he was talking about. That last word is the most important—if one is not committed to something, they are rarely going to experience success. The “C” word: Commitment. It can take you very far in your life. Personally and professionally.

Thank you, also, to the founders of, and to Moderator Peg Ferraro. And to the new owners of—thank you, also.

Finally, David_2. It was my great pleasure to meet you and get to know you—even if only briefly. I hope we can keep in touch from time to time. Your replies are always spot on, and concise (unlike mine, which can be very verbose and rambling…). Keep up the good work—and the good fight!

So, without further ado, I bid you all farewell. Thanks for the memories. Best of luck! I learned more than I ever taught, and the lessons will remain with me for as long as I live.
CSA, it has been a pleasure. Many have learned a LOT, myself for sure, on your verbose and rambling posts. All the best in your future endeavors.
you have no idea how you saved me from more problems that might cost my job as well. I always come to your reply to solve my problems. you are like an invisible teacher to me. thanks for your contribution and for sharing your knowledge.

Thank you and going to miss you.:(
Your counter is high and and you deserve a good hot gas path inspection or even a major.

If you are ever wondering around the midwest, contact me.

I will provide you with an excellent dinner of your selection and conversation of what was and what shall be.
I Appreciate your Ramblings. They Taught me things I didn't know. I'm an Old Frame 5, 7AE MkIV, Triconex Gas Turbine Controls now Retiree..36 years in Power Generation Turbine, Boiler Controls. Thank you CSA and enjoy the Good Life..
Wow that's a huge time count which is not easy to achieve in short time.
We are going missed you here.
I learn alot from you in terms of control in gas turbine.

Do enjoy your time Sir.