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I would like change the Alarm text on MARK V HMI. Please help me which file need change the text, and after I need compiling or downloading ...
> I would like change the Alarm text on MARK V HMI. Please help me which file
> need change the text, and after I need compiling or downloading ...

hello there are several mkv alarm message files to edit most commonly is longname.dat that file is compiled. then run dos command file sequence documenter. Other files to update to keep up with are allocssp.asg, alarm.lst, and alarm.dat if you reset the mkv it will not save properly to store in the volatile drives you will need to run a mk5make then check for errors on the mk5make.log then run on the dos command prompt duser for storing on each core, once completed reboot each core. hope this is helpful i know it is long process but it is the proper way to do things.
Well, well, well. I decided to drop in and visit my Ye Olde Haunt, and I find this gem of a reply.

The <b>ONLY</b> file that needs to be changed to change alarm text is ALARM.DAT.

ALARM.LST is generated from ALARM.DAT by running ALARM_L.EXE.

LONGNAME.DAT is used by the Control Sequence Program Compiler to put "descriptions" (and I use the word "descriptions" very loosely) in the Control Sequence Program Printout. If you want the CSP Printout description to match the alarm text in ALARM.DAT, then you need to manually edit LONGNAME.DAT to make the description for the signal to match ALARM.DAT.

When you change ALARM.DAT you will need to re-start the <I> to get the new alarm definitions loaded into memory. It's not necessary to run MK5MAKE.BAT or any other compiler (though newer versions of MK5MAKE.BAT do run ALARM_L to create a new ALARM.LST file with the new alarm text message).

The above is true for <I>s. GE Mark V HMIs, depending on the version of TCI and CIMPLICITY, may require an update of the CIMPLICITY project. As with all things GE Mark V HMI, nothing was documented and it changed all the time depending on whims and whimpers. I believe since the GE Mark V HMI CIMPLICITY Alarm Window is an AMV object it's only necessary to re-start TCI (which means you need to stop CIMPLICITY and stop and re-start TCI, then re-start CIMPLICITY *after a few minutes*; or just re-start the GE Mark V HMI completely).

If that doesn't work, then try running CIMPLICITY Workbench or Signal Manager and update the CIMPLICITY Project, then stopping and re-starting TCI, or re-boot the GE Mark V HMI.

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful with the GE Mark V HMI; but you didn't say which operator interface you had and what version of GE software was running on it. Perhaps someone else can help a bit more if you have a GE Mark V HMI and you try the above and it doesn't work.

Do write back and let everyone know if you were successful.
wow...I'm very very pleased to see that CSA back!!!!!!

I have some additional notes, ALARM.DAT needs to be edit and ALLOCSSP.ASG is also need to edit (in part of CUSTOM ALARM SIGNAL ASSIGNMENTS - Q).