Mark V gas turbine synchronization

I faced a problem with the synchronization after full speed no load. The issue is the breaker close for few second and open again as the alarm received reverse power. My question here is what could be the problem ?
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Can you tell us when problem started ...? Is there any work around Gas turbine control system or Generator Breaker 52G( i guess that one since you did not precise it...)

I advise you to check synchronizing sequence on the installed CSP files..

At least you can take some viewstrends with some gathering datas related to the synchro block ..

What is the frequency of the grid the unit is being synchronized to at the time this problem is occurring?

Is it a large grid, or a small grid?

What governor mode is the unit operating in at the time of synchronization? (Isochronous or Droop Speed Control?)

What fuel is being burned when this problem is occurring?

What other Process Alarms are active when this problem is occurring?

Is there some kind of power management system that tries to control frequency or load that is sending signals to the Mark V when this problem is occurring?

Reverse Power during Droop Speed Control operation occurs when the amount of fuel is insufficient to produce positive MW. Is there a problem with fuel supply pressure or flow when this problem is occurring?

Reverse Power during Isochronous Speed Control operation generally occurs when there is too much generation on the grid for the amount of load. It could be that some power management system is not working properly or some loads are suddenly shutting down or tripping.

If the grid is small and the frequency is high at the time of synchronization this can also cause Reverse Power.

Please write back with answers to the above questions. You want help; we need more information to be able to help you.
1. The rotation of synchroscope should be in such a way that, incoming machine speed is faster that grid. Check that.
2. Immediately after sync, speed raise command is given to increase the incoming machine load, check connection of speed raise/lower button, may be it reversed.

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