MARK V HMI rela value convert to integer


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Hi all!

I have a problem wit MARK V HMI. We have a METSO DCS, and this system communicating with the MARK V HMI via GSM communication.

The turbine controlling system send the signal two links. The old communication is working the „T1” links, and this line is working correctly. The new CDM system send the signal the second link “CIMPLICITY”, and this line the DCS system can’t read the analogue signals, only can read the binary signals. The problem is, the DCS system can’t read floating point data (8 byte long), this is the type on the new “CIMPLICITY” line. Only the DCS can read integer value 2 byte long (so the old link ).

I would like ask how can converting the new floating data (8 byte long) to integer value (2 byte), and how can define these new signals to the GSM links (if needed).