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I would like to replace the Mark-V <LCC> card EEPROM of <C> processor with new, because of some issues. Can anybody suggest after the replacement of <LCC> EEPROM with fresh one? How can I download the program to <LCC> EEPROM? "EEPROM DOWN T1 C IOCFG USER" is it possible with this command or not?
You need to type "EEPROM DOWN T1 C ALL" which would format a new chip before downloading everything from the stored in <I> file.

Anyway, if you type just EEPROM you will get a helpful explanation.
Totalizer data is stored in <R>, <S> & <T> (on the EEPROM. chips on the DCC/SDCC cards).

If you're only replacing the LCC, it's NOT necessary to download anything.

In fact, the I/O Configuration for ALL cards is stored on the EEPROM on the DCC/SDCC and when any card is booted (any time it is booted, not just when it's replaced), it goes to the EEPROM on the DCC/SDCC card to get card configuration information.
Thanks for the reply. Before we tried to change the <LCC> with new EEPROM because of some LCC issues and LCC EEPROM issues. After the installation of the another <LCC> and EEPROM, we got further problems. Now our <C> SDCC also showing A4 not coming to A7. We tried to download but not success and still we waiting for the new cards. If you have any suggestion please let me know.

LCC stands for LAN Communication Card; it's pretty essential to, well, everything.

Are you certain the PROMs were installed on the LCC properly, with the proper orientations and no pins are bent or broken?

All LCC cards in a panel should be the same revision level, as well as all the PROMs on the LCC cards. If I recall correctly, the PROMs are different on the LCC in <C>, and on the LCCs in <R>, <S> & <T>.

The reason I'm mentioning this is because if you haven't already, you should be comparing the locations and orientations of the PROMs on the LCC in <C>.

The other common cause of problems is the cable that connects the LCC to the DCC to the card in location 2. GE, in its infinite wisdom, didn't put pull tabs on the ribbon cable connectors of that cable (sorry; I can't recall the name of the cable). So, it's very common for the cable connectors to not make good connections when pulled and inserted during card swaps.

There's several threads on that list the steps to troubleshoot a failure to reach I/O Status A7.

My best guess is there's a problem with the cable mentioned above, presuming there are no problems with the PROMs and how they're installed. And, no problems with the LCC card.

I might also recommend trying to use an LCC from <T>--BUT, the problem with that is the cable connecting the LCC to the DCC to the TCQA of <T> might get damaged. You would have to install the PROMs from the <C> LCC.

How do you suspect the <C> LCC PROMs were damaged to begin with? Was there a lightning strike, or some other serious problem with the 125 VDC supply? Or a problem with the TCPS in <C>?

And speaking of <C>'s TCPS, have you made sure ALL of the fuses on the TCPS are good?

Please write back to let us know how you fare.