Mark V Program For Steam Turbine


Most companies will not allow their software to be shared on a World Wide Web forum. You are right, though, if the original posters needs help with something and can describe the problem he can probably get some help here, but there don't seem to be many people with a lot of steam turbine experience responding to posts on

But that's really not so much the issue with this request. There are so many different types of steam turbines and this is a very generic request. Even if someone had software they could share it's pretty unlikely it would be useful to the original poster if he's already working on a Mark V-controlled steam turbine. AND, without P&IDs unless the software was a very close match for the unit the original poster is working on it would probably result in more questions than answers.

If the original poster is just trying to learn about steam turbine control by reviewing Mark V sequencing, again, without P& IDs it's probably going to be very difficult. How would one go about understanding Double Automatic Extraction {or even Single Automatic Extraction control} just by looking at a CSP?

It's not impossible, but, it would be better if the original poster would be more specific about what he is looking for.

I have been wrong before though. And more than 200 times, too. (Many more than 200, honestly.)