MARK V Remote Operation

We have <C> core (common or communication) and <I> operator interface In MARK V system. <C> & <I> connected and communicated through ARCnet (Attached Resource Computer Network) Topology.

This Question for knowledge gaining purpose only.

if I Have a plant to shift the <I> operator interface to main control room for better plant central control means. What is the minimum distance required to communicate <C> & <I>? I have a OFC also from CCR TO TCC.

Have you looked in the Mark V Maintenance Manual, GEH-5980, and the Mark V Application Manual, GEH-6195, for information about StageLink configurations?

The shorted StageLink cable permissible, if I recall correctly, between nodes is 3 metres, but somehow I think you didn't mean minimium distance but rather maximum distance. This is all covered in the fine manuals. RTFM -- Read The Fine Manuals.

If you need longer distances than those specified in the fine manuals, you can use a fiber optic link (two MODHUBS, one at each end of the fiber optic cable)--all described in the fine manuals.

I have heard that at least one company, CCS, I believe, has developed a ARCnet-to-Ethernet converter that can be used to use Ethernet cables as a means of getting StageLink between two locations (you'll need two converter--ARCnet-to-Ethernet, and Ethernet-to-ARCnet).

Hope this helps! If you use coaxial cable, BE SURE to use the proper coaxial cable (spelled out in the fine manuals), and properly installed BNC connectors on the cable, and ARCnet BNC tee connectors and termination resistors. A little more difficult to find, and similarly shaped as their Ethernet brethren, but the Ethernet BNC bits will eventually cause problems, if they allow proper operation at all. (See RS for BNC bits and cables if you need them. Very well known international electronics and electrical supply company.)

Hope this helps!