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We have employed GE Mark-V system at our site for compression of air. Which implies that gas turbine is driving a centrifugal compressor. Previously the run status that HMI displayed was FSNL (Full Speed No Load). However, due to some issue, the machine had to be shutdown and some maintenance jobs were performed on it. After that, when the machine was started, the run status it shows has changed to Governor. Can anyone explain this? The machine is run in Droop mode.

This is an unusual gas turbine application, not unheard of, but unusual.

Is it a single shaft unit or a two-shaft machine?

It is virtually impossible to say for sure why the change in display, but the place to start is to find which ENUMDATA point is responsible for the indications you are referring to, and then look in the logic/sequencing running in the Mark V to find out what could be the problem.

Please write back to let us know what you find.
Thanks CSA for your help. It is actually MS5XX1, which means frame 5 and single shaft. I will definitely check ENUMDATA and will let you know. Would it help if we had a previous backup files? but i'm sure there was no change in the configurations, all we did was GCV calibration and change the fuel nozzles that were found choked in its downtime of the machine. Does this status depend on the speed of GT?