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Dear Friends,

I have faced a problem at a site with R core remains at A8 and is frozen, and C core at A5 state. Its MK V simplex. Observations on Slcc card - No BMS memory, UDM no memory, QST DPM no memory, DCC Errors, QST DPM time out.

R core Keypads on SLCC cannot accept any key commands. Communication between HMI and MKV lost. There is no Power supply ground. R Core cards were replaced by technician

Request friends to share their valuable comments.


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Power Island,

There are procedures for replacing the DCC/SDCC and LCC/SLCC cards in the Mark V Maintenance Manual, GEH-5980, as well as a table describing (in very little detail) what each of the I/O State codes indicates. A8 is usually not good; not good at all.

If <R> went "down" first, and then <C> was re-booted because someone thought re-booting <C> would help with getting <R> up to I/O State A7, that wasn't a good idea. In a SIMPLEX panel, <R> has to go to I/O State A7 first, and then <C> will go to I/O State A7 (presuming there are no issues with any of the cards in <C> or associated with <C>). (In a TMR panel, one of <R>, or <S> or <T> has to go to I/O State A7 in order for <C> to go to I/O State A7.)

Usually, even if <C> is or can get to I/O State A5 or A6, the operator interface (<I> or GE Mark V HMI) can communicate with it. When a DCC/SDCC card is replaced in <C> or <R> (or <S> or <T>) one has to use the LCC/SLCC keypad to set the Voter I/D to <C>, or <R> (or <S> or <T>). And, if the DCC/SDCC card is replaced on <C>, one also has to the the LCC/SLCC keypad on <C> to set <C>s Stage Link I/D in order for the operator interface to be able to communicate with it.

I would make ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that all of the chips (PROMs) on the cards which were replaced were properly inserted in the sockets, that no chip pins are bent or not fully inserted, and most importantly that the chips are on the sockets with the proper orientation. THE biggest problem that usually occurs when replacing the LCC/SLCC card or the DCC/SDCC card is that the cable that connects the LCC/SLCC card to the DCC/SDCC card and to the card in Loc. 2 of the processor--the 3PL cable--gets damaged. GE did not put pull tabs on the connectors of the 3PL cable; they put them on all the other ribbon cables, but NOT the 3PL cable. And, if the 3PL cable isn't gently unseated and properly re-seated when replacing cards the cable can be disconnected from the connector causing communication problems between the cards the 3PL cable connects. So, be sure all of the 3PL cable connectors are fully engaged on the cable, and not pulled loose from the cable.

The procedures in GEH-5980 for replacing cards do describe how to set the Voter ID and Stage Link ID.

Check the chips; check the 3PL cable. Check the Voter ID and Stage Link ID for both processors. The LCC/SLCC keypad for <R> won't work until the processor gets to A4, and is NOT at A8. And, one reason processors sometimes go to A8 is when there's problem with chips (inserted the wrong way on the sockets; or have bent pins) or 3PL cable problems.

That's about all that can be done.

Hope this helps! Please write back to let us know how you fare!

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Dear CSA,

Thanks for your great advice as always.

In reply, I had checked all your information provided. Then I first of all returned all cards replaced by new with old and existing cards on R Core. Later I only picked up new SLCC card and installed on R core. Replaced its eeprom from old card. Checked all berg jumpers.

Upon rebooting panel, the R core managed to reach A6 stage. Then I configured R core for stage link and Processor ID, soon C Core reached A6 too.

Then I was able to use the keypad of SLCC core and do all configuration. Later I found communication with HMI and C core was healthy as Arcnet communication become OK.

Then I had still IO Configurations missing displayed on SLCC, which I found that 03 nos of TCE1 were missing and also TCQC missing as well. I did IOcfg and checked cards status, downloaded EEprom IOcfg and later Eeprom Down All to MKV and rebooted.

Both R and C core reached A7 stage. and the issue was solved.

Thanks friends,
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