Mark V with <I> sequence editing


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Riadh Kh.

we have frame 6 gas turbine with mark v control and <I> under dos. when we try to force signal or editing sequence, it is not allowed, asking for privilege password. How can we solve this problem
The Mark V Users' Manual, GEH-5979, has a section on the Password Administration display and how to use it. The display is accessible from the Main Menu.

You will need to know the passwords, of course....
thank you for your replay I have read the section of password but our situation is: we bought the machine as used and we need to reset all password to start commissioning and operating
Your friendly local moderator here:

If you need to have a password unlocked, please contact the manufacturers of the software or machine in question. They are probably accustomed to helping solve this problem for people who have lost the password under legitimate circumstances.