Mark vi. Ge control hardware

Without a LOT more information it looks like there is a problem with a group of discrete (contact) inputs from the motor control center. GE often uses a single wire as the (107) "common" conductor for groups of discrete inputs. If that (107) wire going to the motor control center comes loose or has some kind of problem that would result in something like what you posted. OR, it could be a problem with a Mark* VI I/O terminal board for discrete (inputs) that the (107) "common" conductor is connected to in the Mark* VI turbine control panel.

That's a guess based on the "information" provided.

You need to find the (107) conductor in the motor control center and check it for DC voltage. The way to do that is to disconnect the conductor from the terminal board and measure the voltage on the wire with respect to ground while disconnected from the terminal board. BE CAREFUL--if it has voltage it will be dangerous. BUT, it can be handled properly to check for the proper voltage. And this can ONLY be done by measuring the voltage on the conductor when it is disconnected from the terminal board.

If there is no voltage with respect to ground, you need to work backwards through any intermediate junction boxes and terminal boards all the way to the Mark* VI terminal board where the voltage should originate. And resolve the problem of the missing voltage.

If the proper voltage is there with respect to ground, then this is not the problem and you can CAREFULLY reterminate the wire to the terminal board in the motor control center.

But without a LOT more information there's nothing more I can add.